AR: Lisa and Eto

AR: Lisa by ~starlacyi on deviantART
Since she's FINALLY been introduced properly in the story, I drew a chibi ref of her too~

AR: How did I by ~starlacyi on deviantART
And uh idk I just felt like drawing and this was the product LOL

CS: Leika Revamp

Everyone's on the Constellatius momentum~ and we're updating our characters here and there since it's been such a long time, so I figured I should redo Leika. Kazuki's due for an update too, but there's no room for him to do so seeing how the plot's rolling right now hah. I'll think of something for him later if I ever get back to him...

CS: Leika by ~UunakiTO on deviantART


So there we go. Aemulor.
Also just finished a chibi of Eto ;u;

AR: Eto by ~starlacyi on deviantART

aaah I hope this goes well;;;


What another one?
OTL;; I'm so pathetic;;;
But...My friends are doing weekly comics, so I think it might help me...actually finish some pages OTL;; hopefully.

These two are the main characters ;3; Lisa and Eto respectively. I'm still thinking of a name for the comic OTL

Not my OCs but

Drawin' more CS today

CS: THIS WONDERFUL GIRL by ~starlacyi on deviantART

CS: I'M ON A ROLL by ~starlacyi on deviantART
Goodnight ;u;