2 New GG OCs

Sorry, no preview pictures this time lol :'D


Haha yeah, I totally messed it up on Gallade :'D So I tried to make it up bu drawing a totally FABULOUS Milotic lol. Oh god I'm so in love in Milotic right now OwO

Also, just a little fun fact, Milotic was influenced by Ayame of Fruits basket and Grell of Kuroshitsuji X3

Well isn't this a short little entry? XD;; I promise I'll have more next time!

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New OC?

This OC is made for the collab "Gijinka Gakuen" The idea is by the same one who thought of Constellatius XD

It was fun drawing her design <3 I honestly had no clue about this pokemon until my friend suggested it for me to draw my gijinka on lol. I'm a total pokemon noob, seriously :'D

Well there you go XD Check the collab comic out sometimes if you can too :3

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New Years Base picture

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a nice 2009 so far :D
Mine's going well (so far) even though nothing happened.
Also, since last year, I've drawn a "base"picture at the very start of the year to compare to at the end for a display of improvement.

Last year was from

Elfen Lied: Never looking back by ~starlacyi on deviantART

Re EL: Never looking back by ~starlacyi on deviantART

See any improvement? Well...um...at least the coloring improved right?
Anyway, this year's picture is a little bit more complex. Last year's was just a drawing 100% digitally made. This year, I'm going for traditional.
That being said, here's the sketch

The media is watercolors (aside from the pencil sketch), and will take a while. I'm sorry, but I just happen to be a slow painter XD

Also, it's actually my first time doing something like this, so I have a question for all of you who's done this before:
When it comes to lineart, what works better? Pencil sketch or pen lineart?
I've honestly never tried pen ever, so I don't want to ruin the picture with it D:

Ok, enough blabbering XD See you next time!
There isn't a lot on my Wordpress this time either, but feel free to have a look if you've got time to kill.

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