Happy White Day!

Yeah, I know it's too late in Japan, but here in the US, it's still White Day!

Happy White Day, everyone by ~starlacyi on deviantART

So here's my dear Ray~ I believe he's my first male OC <3 I should really draw more of him too ;A; I'm sorry for all the neglect, Ray~

Oh I'm not sure if I should post this here;; but
I got married on dA C': It's a bit embarrassing to say =///w///= but that's just me;;
(Actually we're married as Denmark and Prussia from Hetalia lololol)
Edit: Here's her blog~~~

So yeah, here are our kids~

OUR KIDS ARE AWESOME by ~starlacyi on deviantART
Yes, they are Elements, and they are badass~ My Denmark designed Neon and Argon, and I Hafnium <3

LOL; Ok sorry about that;;; Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed White Day C: