After about 3 months?

Hah, I'm so pathetic....

CS: Cygnus Shipping
by ~starlacyi on deviantART
But I finally finished it! OTL Well the coloring could be better, but I've been out of practice for a while. Sorry about that. I'll work hard so I can improve again!

Also, I've been pretty active on tegaki with an OC for Axis Power Hetalia. A while ago, I didn't think I'd ever make an OC...but here I am OTL;
Elleore on Tegaki E
He's quite the asshole if I do say so myself.

Alright, I gotta get ready for bed now. Hopefully I'll get something else [partially] done by tomorrow~

It's summer~

Ahh~~ I've been out since last Thursday, but whatever. I'm loving summer vacation so much ;U; It gives me so much time to work on the stuff I couldn't because of school. Hah, recently I've been doing a ton of fanart, so there hasn't been a lot that I could post on here. I'll hopefully do more original art during the break though!

Oh well, recently even if it's something small, I've been making keychains for my friends.

Derp: Brooooo by ~starlacyi on deviantART

I just sent a few of them yesterday, and I hope to send them all once I find more keyrings <3 These are fun! I wanna make more of them~ (maybe even to sell? pfft)

Derp: These other two by ~starlacyi on deviantART

Also something that I've been working on since March...,

Cygnus shipping! Coloring coming soon! ;u; I'm still pretty slow, so sorry about that. There's been a few new pages on the comic site too.

Ahh~ So much to do...summer break really doesn't seem long anymore =A=;; But it'll be fun! <3