Shovel Rake

Derp: Shovel Rake Duo by ~starlacyi on deviantART

Damn right, it's Kiki and Koko! Eko being the shovel and I the rake LOL. Don't even ask about that;;;

Anyway, this was fun <3 I miss layers so much after tegaking for so long~~~

HetaOC: Alice Human Sacrifice

I don't know, when I was thinking about it, it somehow fits quite well.
So I went ahead and drew it.

Ichiban Alice is Avery (Cultural Diffusion), oc by Calabria

Niban Alice is Oman, oc by Ozkhi

Sanban Alice is Dublin, oc by Miss Dublin

Yonban Alice is twin(not really) pair Schleswig-Holstein, Schleswig by Xoo

So yeah C:
Do know that this pic doesn't....exactly reflect how the actual Oc is. I just tried making it more like the song lol <3

And another APH OC

It''ll probably be the last...I promise LOL;;;

Holstein on Tegaki E
If you think the design is familiar, it is.
I kinda just tweaked it from Aya's design lol =w= Finally got a use for that design though~

My friend might be making Schleswig too ;U; Wooooo

Wooo actual official design

Using as my dA ID~ Hah, it was about time I design an outfit for my persona OTL It's a bit plain, but what are you gonna do lol;;

The little scribbles at the bottom are for my Derp groupies~~ <3 Love them~